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Hadley first hit the international stage in 2009 with “Addicted”, a song that she released with Serge Devant off Ultra Records. “Addicted” quickly shot to #1 at Top 40 overseas and the Atlanta native soon found herself touring the world to countries including Russia, Greece, Malta, London, Beirut, Colombia, Malta, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Dubai.

Performing in front of hundreds of thousands of people; taking the stage at Europa Plus in Russia, NRJ Festival in Beirut, and the MAD VMA’s in Greece.

Cracking the door open even further, Hadley hit with a string of follow-up collaborations including “Ghost” and “Dice” with Serge Devant, “Burning Inside” with Wally Lopez, “Reach For Me” with Dinka, “Run to You” with Richard Durand, “Everything” with EDX and “Gypsy Heart” with Playmen.

Her signature, sultry voice has opened the doors and stages around the world. Now, in only it’s perfect time, she is preparing to release her new music this winter of 2018.

“In order to rise from it’s own ashes. A Phoenix. First. Must. Burn.” – Octavia E. Butler